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100% Natural 95% Organic Facial Cleansing Oil - it removes makeup, even waterproof mascara - NO STING or BLURRY EYES. // This light facial cleansing oil is made with an expert blend of Organic Almond, Sunflower & Castor Oils with Essential Oils of Rose & Geranium. It's a beautifully rose scented, sebum balancing cleanser, packed full of skin regenerating, plumping and rejuvenating properties. Say goodbye to oily skin forever! // It's an effective cleanser, a natural toner and it regulates oil production. It reduces acne breakouts, decreasing the appearance of pores and evens skin-tone. // Rose reigns supreme for mature skin, but is equally beneficial for normal, dry or acne prone skin. It reduces redness and calms the skin making it perfect for treating Rosacea & Acne. // Using this natural cleansing oil (comes with “The Oil Cleansing Method” leaflet), massaging it gently into the skin, the skin is nourished and cleansed without "stripping" the skin of its natural oils. Your skin will glow as a result.

Facial Cleansing Oil with Rose & Geranium



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